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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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Why is LaTeX not displaying correctly? [duplicate]

In this answer On a proof of the existence of tubular neighborhoods. and Neil Strickland's answer here Is the counit of geometric realization a Serre fibration? the laTex is not displaying correctly (...
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Participation in Tags?

Currently it seems that people (on the main site) are listed as not having participated in any tags. (This seems to be the case for me, and for JDH; I didn't check any others.) Is this a temporary ...
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Page footers across all Stack Exchange sites list MathOverflow under multiple categories

It's listed under "Technology", "Life/Arts", "Culture/Recreation", "Science" as well as "Others"! I think we should be under Science, after mathematics.SE.
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The tour page is now a generic stackexchange version

In the sandbox phase, the tour page (here: was populated with MO-specific questions/answers. Now it has generic (and to my mind, overly silly) questions, and I would ...
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The link on the main page banner to meta is broken

It points to, rather than (and the scripts won't let me post this with just the line above)
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