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For questions about bonus reputation obtained when associating SE accounts.

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Why I am not allowed to answer protected questions?

I'm a new user of MathOverflow. In the privileges section, it says that I can now answer protected question. But in reality, when I visited this protected question, it says: I'm not counting the ...
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About votes by 101 users

Related: this So I have just run a query at SEDE, and get the following data: Upvotes cast by rep 101 users: 66626 Upvotes cast by all users: 1777003 Hence by simple calculation, we get $$\frac {...
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Data on voting by 'association bonus only' users

There's recently been some discussion of the potential impact on voting of users whose only MathOverflow reputation comes from the network association bonus. I asked the SE team about this, and ...
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Measures to separate math overflow from the rest of the stack exchange network

It seems that there is a widespread concern about the influence that in many ways the switch to the stack exchange network has on this site. I infer this from the many questions on meta on this ...
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Cancel the association bonus

There has been some previous discussion of the association bonus, c.f. The Association Bonus Is there an association bonus for this site? Can we please get rid of the association bonus for other ...
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The Association Bonus

One new feature that's come along with the transition is the "association bonus", which allows members of Math Stackexchange --- and other sites that are much further removed from the mission of MO ---...
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