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Questions tagged [asking-questions]

Questions specifically about the process of asking questions on this site.

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Why is my question apparently not research-level?

I just posted this question a few hours ago, and it's already had two votes to close for being off-topic (i.e., not of "research-level mathematics"). Considering it's ultimately a question about ...
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Feature request: question title should appear above question preview

Just a minor niggle - when I'm reviewing my question, one of the things I want to review is the title. It would be nice if the title appeared just above the preview of my question, so I could review ...
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Questions on Mathematical Writing

Where should I ask about how to approach Mathematical paper writing? For example, the question [How to write an abstract for a math paper? ] was put on hold? Which stack exchange site should I have ...
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Partial answer accepted, thinking it could have been easily extended and provided enough insights

Some days ago I posted a question and I accepted an answer, "although it’s only a very partial answer," as the answer author wrote in a comment. I accepted it because I thought that it ...
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1000 Questions by Dominic van der Zypen!

Amazing milestone! Our first $1000$-question user. Question # $1000$: "Edge sets on 𝜔 maximal with respect to chromatic number".
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How to change the direction of an answer thread

I asked this question, with the hopes someone might help me with the algebraic proof I was working on towards the stated conjecture. Based on this meta thread, my original question got changed — for ...
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2 votes
0 answers

What should I do if I have a question on inactive post?

I recently asked this question about gamma function, and Vincent law commented a link to another post which stated similar question. There I found a link to MathOverflow post. I visited there, and I ...
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1 vote
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Should I rewrite my question, or create a new one

I posed this question two days ago, which effectively asks "Has X hard-to-describe special case on Barnette's Conjecture been proven?". In retrospect, I believe it was a poor question. What I now ...
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What should I do if I want to ask an almost duplicate question?

There already exists a question very like the one I want to ask, with a very partial answer by the OP. I want to ask the same question but restricted to a special case, for which I hope more can be ...
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How to Ask Multiple Very Specific Questions About New Applications of an Old Theorem

This question is a different flavor of this one, the difference being, that I am not looking for help in understanding something. My "problem" is, that while ramping up my knowledge about the ...
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Incentivizing ‘bad’ questions

As a 5+ year member of MO, I remember the old days when upvotes on questions only netted you 5 points as opposed to the current 10. While I was generally glad to see good questions being rewarded in a ...
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"overestimates topoi" and research level

I wonder now and then, why this question is still open Did Grothendieck overestimate topoi? Usually, MO's members tend to be very strict about what is and what isn't a good question. But why is this ...
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