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Posting multiple "answers" to an already answered question

This question was asked and correctly answered three weeks ago. Since then another user has posted, as of today, five other "answers" describing his thoughts about related questions, ...
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Why is the question about SO(4) embedding into SU(3) attracting so many troll answers

This question: Is SO(4) a subgroup of SU(3)? has already attracted 5 rude spam answers (most of which have been deleted by the time I posted this, but if you have enough reputation you can see them). ...
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Collaborate to answer

Question: If the question is about proving $P$, which, pointed out in comments, follows from $Q$ and $R$. Is it acceptable to write an answer only containing the proof of $Q$, as part of collaboration?...
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There is no any answer box for this post

I would like to add an answer to this question but there is no any answer box for this question. What is the reason? Nonequivalent definitions in Mathematics
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What is the correct action if the OP finds an answer incorrect (with a recent example)?

While I certainly think that the OP of the question Non trivial zeros of Riemann zeta function definitely abuses MO in a couple of ways, still I believe it is a good example for the question in the ...
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What do you see to upvote an answer?

Question is as in the title? What makes you to up vote an answer? Most of my answers are with $0$ upvotes. I am trying to understand the reason. One of the reasons could be that mathematics that I ...
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Tagging Answers?

Simple question: should the tagging of a question cover answers? Suppose I asked a question about a mathematical problem and in the answers contained for example: pointers to literature algorithms ...
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Should I accept an answer to the "concrete" part of my question and ask another one about the "vague part"?

Suppose I am trying to prove a certain statement $S$ and find that a certain plausible statement $T$ implies $S$. However, I don't think that they are equivalent, and so there are possibly other ...
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reminder for comments/responses

Suppose a user commented on my post and due to some reason I overlooked and then forgot. As it is my question, the one who responded for my question would not care to write another comment if I do ...
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