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11 votes
3 answers

Does the number of answers really drop over years?

This was caused by an answer of mine to the question Slight downward trend in Q & A. I was adding another update to that answer when I noticed that the query I was using there now can be run for ...
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19 votes
4 answers

Dealing with possible incorrectness

I have seen a few responses on MO that I think are either incorrect or possibly incorrect. What is the best way to draw attention to possible incorrectness? (I provide two examples below; if this is ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Trouble understanding criterion to answer protected question

This question is protected, and the box at the end says: "To answer it, you must have earned at least 10 reputation on this site." What does this mean? I am asking because I am currently shown as ...
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11 votes
3 answers

"This question has been answered in the comments."

Athanagor Wurlitzer has recently been adding answers saying "This question has been answered in the comments" (see, e.g. I'm inclined to delete these answers (...
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8 votes
1 answer

Answering my own question

As a typical scenario, assume I ask for examples of some mathematical phenomenon and somebody answers my question and provides 2 families of examples. After several months, I figure a third family of ...
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7 votes
3 answers

How do I link to a MO answer?

Sometimes you see in answers or questions a link to an earlier answer to a different question. The url often is a mysterious sequence of digits and letters. How is it obtained? Linking to a question ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Appropriate Reaction to a Failed Reference Request on MO

This follows Amir Asghari's advice concerning my comment on the answer to Answering my own question: Background of my question is, that I can envisage different reasons for reference requests on ...
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25 votes
2 answers

My question has already been asked, but not really answered? What should I do?

I have a question I am curious about: call it $Q$. There exists a posted question $P$ on MO which asks my question $Q$. More precisely, $P$ states a series of (slightly vague) questions, one of ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Is there a problem with answers clarified in comments, but the clarification not reflected in the answer itself?

Occasionally I am re-reading my answers in case I've overlooked something or left some misguiding misprint or something. What I noticed is that there are a couple of them where I was not entirely ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Is it a bad practise to add details (limited) to some one's answer?

A user X answered my (some one else's) question in a compact way (less than $10$ lines). Upon discussion, user X has explained somethings in comment which made answer clearer. Is it considered to ...
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