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Possible additional option for "See Math.Stackexchange" close vote [duplicate]

Some of the most common close votes are for people who have posted homework questions, to which the usual appropriate response (to my understanding) is to flag as off-topic with the message "...
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What do we mean by welcoming when we're a site aimed at researchers?

I was just browsing the main page this morning, and I decided to look at some of the posts by new people. One of the questions had garnered three votes to close and a comment from a regular user to ...
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Homework and migrating to

As many people have noticed, one of the main functions of is to be a place for students to get other people to do their homework for them. Obviously we do not want to facilitate such cheating....
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Frequently Asked Questions: MathOverflow FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for MathOverflow What kind of questions can I ask here? What kind of questions should I not ask here? What about open problems? Where's the rule that says I have to wear ...
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My question was closed on MO because it is not research level. Where should I ask instead?

If a question is closed (put on hold) on MathOverflow as off-topic for not being research level-question, but it is still a question about mathematics. What might be a suitable place for such question?...
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How to make welcoming comments on "homework-like" posts that will be closed?

We get posts here that are phrased as if from a textbook or homework; the one I have in mind is Find the recurrence relation, but my question is more general. Such posts will certainly be closed. A ...
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Revamping the closure reasons in 2022

Prompted by Gro-Tsen's recent meta question, it appears that now may be a good time to rethink our site-specific close reasons here on MathOverflow. Background: If you have sufficient rep, you can ...
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Feature: Making the MO-guidelines visible while editing questions?

I noticed that some of the MO questions that get closed are clear-cut going against the MO-guidelines eg. "here is the link to my new result" or "here is the jpg file of my homework ...
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Update outdated links in the list of suggested alternative sites

The part of help center What kind of questions should I not ask here? (Wayback Machine) contains at the moment the following formulation: "But there are lots of other math Q&A sites where your ...
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Proposing a change to the close-vote interface

The feature request in this post is at the bottom; I will first highlight why I think it should be implemented. Currently, when I go to close-vote a question I see the following pop-up menu: If I ...
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How to make it easier to moderate blatantly off-topic questions?

As many of you have noticed, there's a lot of new users asking basic mathematics questions. This is not the only site in the network with this kind of problem; on Meta Stack Exchange we get all kinds ...
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Comment / Down-vote / Vote to close -- in what order, with what delay?

If I see a post that I think belongs on MathStackExchange, what should be my first response? a) Comment to the user b) Down-vote c) Vote to close with suggestion of migration And how long should I ...
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Close votes of different types

Sometimes when a question is closed, different people have a different reason for closing it. You can see this while voting: there is a count in the margin saying how many votes of a given type have ...
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Should we be more polite when closing non-research-level questions?

We get many questions from students (usually in high school, or less-advanced undergrads) that are clearly off-topic since they’re well below research-level. Mods and high-rep users are generally ...
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