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Has word "mathoverflow" trademark?

I have domain name, and I want to develop a free website or Q2A discussion forum using free open source platform. I'...
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What about temporary design changes just to make better distinction from other sites?

It seems that the most common complaint about the new design is that the site looks very similar to other sites. (Especially Mathematics was mentioned a few times, probably because there are many ...
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Procedure for requesting a complete removal from MathOverflow

With any online community, as the users and the company owning the domain change, it is inevitable that some users will want to exit the community. For example, many Facebook users deleted their ...
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What to do with useful answers to questions closed as duplicates (or by some other reasons)?

Before the question Intuitive explanation of concentration of the measure for spheres has been marked as duplicate (correctly I believe), it has got an answer which might provide additional useful ...
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What are the Frequently Asked Questions on meta?

Some questions on meta are tagged faq. What does this mean? I wanted to tag a questions faq but it does not work and I wonder why and how I could get this tag on my question? Relatedly, what ...
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Citation helper and mobile devices

A few days ago I tried to use the citation helper from my mobile phone (Nexus 6p with Firefox and the full site interface), and everything worked just fine. But now I tried to load it, and it kept ...
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Poll for time cutoff for changing vote

Looking at the number of votes this and this question has received, I would like to ask everyone interested to cast their vote whether they are happy with the current time cutoff for changing votes on ...
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