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At what point should MO recognise it needs to leave Stack Exchange Inc?

Edit Please note this is not me posting with my moderator hat on (I've signed the letter), and I didn't discuss this with the mod team before posting this. It's not within shouting distance of being ...
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Viewing reputation and badges is now opt-in and compatible with the new front page

This announcement is a little late (see the discussion here), but in response to discussions over many years, we (the moderators and board) have implemented a change to the site where by default, ...
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What is MathOverflow's "agreement" with Stack Exchange?

On June 24, 2013, MathOverflow signed an agreement with Stack Exchange, Inc., to migrate the original site to the newer Stack Exchange 2.0 platform and join the Stack Exchange network. François G. ...
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Why is Math Overflow a .net website unlike all the other sites which are .com websites?

As stated in the title, MathOverflow is a .net website, unlike every other site I've seen in the SE network, which are all .com sites. Why is MathOverflow the sole .net site of Stack Exchange?
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Can we get rid of the "featured on meta" main meta links?

As you know, MathOverflow has a special status in the Stack Exchange family, and (by a special agreement) it doesn't display any kind of ads nor links to the hot network questions in the sidebar. ...
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Can MO go back to +5 rep for questions? Should it?

In case you missed the news, upvotes on questions now grant +10 reputation instead of +5, and the change has been implemented retroactively (most if not all users have already had their reputation ...
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How much is MathOverflow exposed to recent events on StackExchange?

[Long-time 10k+ MO user here, asking this question anonymously for reasons that should be obvious. Added Oct 16: My access to this account will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1 .... (sorry, won't be able to ...
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Happy tenth anniversary! How did you celebrate?

Question 1 was a test question posted about ten years ago from this one (give or take about an hour). There's been a bit going on since then with the main forum. This post is a place for celebrants ...
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Will ads appear on MO?

It looks like the Stack Exchange network is trying to monetize the various stack sites as much as possible, to the dismay of users across the board. Will this affect MO? If I recall correctly we ...
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Has word "mathoverflow" trademark?

I have domain name, and I want to develop a free website or Q2A discussion forum using free open source platform. I'...
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What about temporary design changes just to make better distinction from other sites?

It seems that the most common complaint about the new design is that the site looks very similar to other sites. (Especially Mathematics was mentioned a few times, probably because there are many ...
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Can anybody provide a clear list of design changes that are obligatory, with explanations?

With several heavily loaded questions here on meta and the StackExchange meta, - MathOverflow updated site theme is ready for testing! Responsive Design Themes - What can sites customize and how can ...
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Happy 5th anniversary, MathOverflow!

MathOverflow first came online on September 28, 2009! Let's celebrate five years of MO! I bought a delicious cake from the best bakery in the area to have with dinner tonight. I'm sure you will also ...
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Copyright of MathOverflow logo?

What is the copyright of the MathOverflow logo? Is it in the public domain? In this site they say that "most simple logos simply do not have the required level of creativity to be considered ...
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Donations to MathOverflow, Inc

Long time followers of MathOverflow will know that as well as the website, hosted by StackExchange, and moderated by the moderation team with all of your help, there is an independent 501(c)(3) ...

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