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Can some higher power merge the enumeration and enumerative-combinatorics tags? [duplicate]

I tried to do this myself, but I do not have sufficient privileges to do so. It seems like I cannot even suggest one as a synonym of the other. As a side question, is having an approved synonym the ...
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Suggestions for merging redundant tags [duplicate]

I don't yet have the required reputation nor the answer-votes, yet I'd like to suggest identifying the tags isoperimetry & isoperimetric-problems with the (already synonymous) pair calculus-of-...
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Help improve tagging!

Please help by writing tag wikis for your favorite tags! Use answers to this post to suggest tag synonyms. Finally, if you're a 10k+ user, note how easy it is for you to edit tags now!
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Frequently asked questions about tagging on MathOverflow

Due to several discussions on the main site, I am asking this question concerning the best practices for tagging questions on MathOverflow. Unfortunately, the relevant documentation page https://...
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Why are MO tags formatted as they are?

I noticed that some of the more frequently used MO tags are formatted according to a certain pattern, e.g.: nt.number-theory pr.probability lo.logic fa.functional-analysis Why are the tags formatted ...
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Is it ok to ask for explanation of content in question?

I can not explain with out taking an example. See this question Gauge theory on schemes. I hear "Gauge theory" every now and then and wanted to know what it is about. I did not enjoy reading ...
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Noncommutative rings/algebra tags

I'm suggesting to make noncommutative-rings a synonym to noncommutative-algebra, in the same way as commutative-rings has been made to ac.commutative-algebra. Initially asked there, I'm asking it ...
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Tag warnings on MO

In the last few months, Stack exchange has introduced tag warnings, that is, a text that is displayed when a user creates a new question that contains a specific warning, such as this example. ...
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On convexity tags

The tags on convexity are convex-geometry ($\times$560), convex-analysis ($\times$ 266), convexity ($\times$ 420). Here the number is the current (2019/02/23) number of uses and I ignore some more ...
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Tags "riemann-zeta-function" and "zeta-functions" are almost identical

I have discovered that the following two tags are too similar to each other: riemann-zeta-function, with 299 questions tagged, has the description The Riemann zeta function is the function of one ...
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The existing deprecated tags should be blacklisted

TL;DR: I suggest to blacklist the deprecated tags that still exist on some questions, in order to prevent them from being added to new questions. There are a few tags which are deprecated and should ...
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Which "non-arxiv" tags are de facto top-level tags?

The tag system on MathOverflow is designed in such way that each question should contain top-level tag; these are the tags which correspond to subject areas on arXiv and generally have format such as ...
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What is the correct way to handle questions with deprecated tags?

Occasionally some tags on MathOverflow are deprecated - it is decided that they should no longer be used. If a deprecated tag is only used in a few questions, then it can be removed manually - the ...
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Proposed merger of tags

I would like to get some reactions to the idea of merging several tags under an umbrella "infinitesimal". The motivation is that the individual tags each have few questions, and the existence of ...
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Thread for asking about suitability of math.SE question on MO?

Often there are questions of the type: "I have posted this question on math.SE. No satisfactory answer so far. Would this question be suitable for MathOverflow?" People ask this in various places: ...
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