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We have our first user with more than 200K reputation!

Congratulations to Joel David Hamkins who on (I think!) the 27th November 2022, was the first MathOverflow user to pass 200k reputation! Since Joel joined on the 19th November 2009, he has supplied ...
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Should we have new moderator elections?

Mathoverflow has seven moderators, but many of them seem to be inactive (at least from the point of view of an unprivileged user): for instance, they are not active on meta, and they moderated few ...
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Anton's departure as moderator

Does outgoing moderator Anton Geraschenko deserve our heartfelt thanks, or what?
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Development of the MathOverflow community

From the Stack Exchange Data Explorer one can obtain the following data: Number of people who joined MO in the last 4 years and have collected at least 10000 points: 96 Number of people who joined ...
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Were there some recent changes to the moderators' team?

I have noticed that Mariano Suárez-Alvarez is no longer listed among the moderators and his profile page no longer shows diamond by his name. (I am pretty sure I remember that he was one of the ...
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The reason for putting on hold a question

Why was this question put on hold? It seems to be fairly specific and it is about mathematics. You could argue that it is slightly meta-mathematical; would it then be appropriate on meta MO?
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Something strange here: Perfectly centered break of a perfectly aligned pool ball rack      
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Papers, articles, books and other resources discussing MathOverflow

There already is a post asking about published works which started on or were inspired by posts on MathOverflow: Best of MathOverflow, or papers inspired by MathOverflow. It might be interesting to ...
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Who wrote the year of death in the profile page of the late William Thurston?

Prof. William Thurston passed away on Aug. 21, 2012. His MO profile page gives Feb. 22, 2012 as the date of his last log-in. Who is the person who wrote the year of his death in his profile page? Was ...
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Name of the site

This site keeps getting questions from users who have mistaken mathoverflow for a place to ask questions about elementary mathematics. This is not a problem for me, as those too-elementary questions ...
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What to do with useful answers to questions closed as duplicates (or by some other reasons)?

Before the question Intuitive explanation of concentration of the measure for spheres has been marked as duplicate (correctly I believe), it has got an answer which might provide additional useful ...
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Reporting a possible 2nd account belonging to a network-wide suspended user

This user is suspended for 71.63 more years: A user with the same name is not suspended: Perhaps the mods can investigate their IP addresses and act accordingly (both users are basically active on ...
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What are the Frequently Asked Questions on meta?

Some questions on meta are tagged faq. What does this mean? I wanted to tag a questions faq but it does not work and I wonder why and how I could get this tag on my question? Relatedly, what ...
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A tribute to the owners of the set-theory golden tag

In this slightly unusual and relaxed post, I would like to express my admiration for our all-time top rep user Joel David Hamkins, in the spirit of the jon-skeet-facts post from the sibling ...
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Retroactively add linked questions

Any question on MathOverflow (or other Stack Exchange site) shows the list of linked questions in the sidebar on the right. A question is added there if there is a link between the two questions ...
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