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Big Ideas and Proofs Originating on StackExchange or Overflow? [duplicate]

Just a random, fun question I was kind of curious about; sorry if I tagged it incorrectly. I'm wondering if there are any famous StackExchange or Overflow posts (math, physics, comp sci etc) where ...
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MO-Hard Questions

The term "MO-Hard" has entered the mathematical vocabulary, describing interesting questions that were asked on MathOverflow but haven't been answered in spite of efforts by many community members. ...
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Using ideas found in MO and MSE in a paper

If there is an answer to a question that I have asked on MathOverflow or MathStackExchange which helps me to prove a result appropriate for a published paper, what should I do: (1) Cite the MO or MSE ...
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Examples of mathematical exposition arising from MO answers

I could imagine that several very long Mathoverflow answers have eventually turned into expository papers. For example, I have posted this (unpublished) expository paper on the arxiv about various ...
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How to emphasize MathOverflow's best content?

There have been a few efforts to do this, such as the Best of MathOverflow thread. We could do more in this direction and this could have interesting repercussions. Vidit Nanda recently suggested that ...
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Have any MO-hard problems ascended to "real" open problems in their fields?

Have any questions first proposed on Mathoverflow attracted enough interest from experts in their field that solving them would be considered a significant advance? I don't want to count problems ...
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Is there a way to measure the effectiveness of MO?

One way to measure the effectiveness of MO is to track how often it leads to publishable research. That angle has been discussed before. I'm wondering if there are other metrics that can be used to ...
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Should I give a link to my recent published paper to an old question of mine on MO?

4 years and 6 months ago I asked on MO: "Who introduced the terms “equivalence relation” and “equivalence class”?" It was somehow a resting stone of a long journey that started 13 years ago from today ...
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Where to share MathOverflow success stories?

We had an old thread about this at but this is not the most obvious place for that. Where should we keep track of cool success stories like this recent gold nugget? Update: The ...
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Answer to what was an open question

I vaguely remember reading a question on main about a possibly "open question", which got an answer which started by affirming that the question is indeed open, and then proceeded to provide a ...
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Tea archive ( seems to be down

It seems that the link (which, according to this announcement, serves as an archive of the old tea, i.e. the previous incarnation of MathOverflow Meta) no longer works. ...
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Papers, articles, books and other resources discussing MathOverflow

There already is a post asking about published works which started on or were inspired by posts on MathOverflow: Best of MathOverflow, or papers inspired by MathOverflow. It might be interesting to ...
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"In the past one and half years, Stack Overflow has lost 50% of its traffic."

In a tweet by Mahesh Sathiamoorthy, I saw a chart showing a substantial recent drop: Two questions: (1) Is this accurate? (2) What does the analogous chart for MathOverflow show? (I can't remember ...
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Is there a way to learn when MO leads to actual results?

Where can I find information about MO activity which led to progress in somebody's research? E.g. is there an efficient way to cite MO contribution in a paper in such a way that it will be easily ...
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What are the Frequently Asked Questions on meta?

Some questions on meta are tagged faq. What does this mean? I wanted to tag a questions faq but it does not work and I wonder why and how I could get this tag on my question? Relatedly, what ...
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