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A tribute to the owners of the set-theory golden tag

In this slightly unusual and relaxed post, I would like to express my admiration for our all-time top rep user Joel David Hamkins, in the spirit of the jon-skeet-facts post from the sibling ...
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1000 Questions by Dominic van der Zypen!

Amazing milestone! Our first $1000$-question user. Question # $1000$: "Edge sets on 𝜔 maximal with respect to chromatic number".
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Is it possible to provide information about further developments outside MO that followed a question/answer?

It happened several times - I've found a very interesting (for me) relatively old answer or question which would most likely lead to some new research. I ask about any possible recent references in a ...
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Is there a post where one can thank mathoverflow community?

Is there a post where one can thank MathOverflow community for its indirect help for a paper that has recently published, along with the link of the paper? (Especially given that MathOverflow being ...
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