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Is it possible to provide information about further developments outside MO that followed a question/answer?

It happened several times - I've found a very interesting (for me) relatively old answer or question which would most likely lead to some new research. I ask about any possible recent references in a ...
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Is there a way to learn when MO leads to actual results?

Where can I find information about MO activity which led to progress in somebody's research? E.g. is there an efficient way to cite MO contribution in a paper in such a way that it will be easily ...
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Answer to what was an open question

I vaguely remember reading a question on main about a possibly "open question", which got an answer which started by affirming that the question is indeed open, and then proceeded to provide a ...
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Where to share MathOverflow success stories?

We had an old thread about this at but this is not the most obvious place for that. Where should we keep track of cool success stories like this recent gold nugget? Update: The ...

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