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Should we blacklist or delete the "research" tag?

Should we blacklist or delete the research tag? This site is about mathematical research, so I don't see how the "research" tag is helpful, any more than a "mathematics" tag would be helpful. Of the ...
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List of recurrent technical problems involving MathJax

Edit: I have retagged this question 'feature-request' in an attempt to expedite action on these issues. I request that the MathOverflow developers implement an automatic fix of the issues in the ...
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Any policies around Dead links?

I have been reviewing a lot of older posts (~10 years old) and there are quite a few with links that are either dead or links that point to sites that no longer contain the relevant information that ...
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"Silent" Edits for MO?

This question is inspired by Do we have an unofficial quota on how many old questions one should bump for minor edits in a single day? Wouldn't it make sense, to have the choice of a "silent" ...
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Restriction on Number of edits

Book about fluid dynamics asked Apr 13 '10 edited 1 hour ago Are there examples of conjectures supported by heuristic arguments that have been finally disproved? asked 21 hours ago edited 2 hours ...
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What's the purpose of the favorite button?

I'm trying to understand how the favorite button is meant to be used. I frequently see poorly written questions marked as "favorite". It seems the OP can make this designation. I was unable to find ...
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Repeated TeXifying of question titles

A specific user has recently edited a lot of years-old posts in which, as far as I can tell, he is just TeXifying titles. While I assume that this is being done with good intentions, it seems likely ...
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Creating tag "small-uncountable-cardinals"

Looking through meta-MO I have found a proposal of Martin Sleziak to create a new "small-uncountable-cardinals", which I liked since many of my (and not only my) questions fall under this tag. So, I ...
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Problem with posts and comments relying on macros defined elsewhere

MathJax supports possibility do define macros. (Using \newcommand, \DeclareMathOperator, \def...
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Apologies re image links update => bumping

In the days before StackExchange used Imgur for images, I had linked quite a few images to my college's web server. Now all those links are broken, and I will eventually move them to Imgur. But the ...
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Compulsive question editing

There is a user that is modifying a lot of question in the last couple of hours, in particular, converting to latex any plain text that he considers that should be in math mode. It is getting annoying ...
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Misspelling of Cauchy-Schwarz

As a comment of Dennis Serre, the correct spelling of Cauchy-Schwarz is Cauchy-Schwarz (not Cauchy-Schwartz): The spelling is Cauchy-Schwarz, from Hermann Schwarz. If you are interested in Fourier ...
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Restriction on editing closed questions

Guidelines to prove that $2^{\sqrt{2}}$ is a transcendental number? question bumped into after making an edit. I am not sure if that adds anything to the question. Should ...
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