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Why was "The origin(s) of the word “elliptic” migrated to hsm?

This question on the history of the ellipse terminology was migrated to hsm after a week of being active on MO and receiving several useful answers. Did the OP ask for migration? Why are some ...
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Is there a consensus on whether history of mathematics questions are acceptable on MO?

I recently stumbled across an old meta discussion in which some people suggested that history of mathematics questions were off-topic for MO. This took me by surprise and I would like to ask for ...
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What outgoing migration paths should we have?

Now that we can migrate off topic questions, what sort of migration paths should be useful to have? I think that adding at least Cross Validated, if not one or two of the other science sites, would ...
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How to recommend that a question is better suited for another SE site that isn't listed in the close reasons?

Today I found MO questions where commenters recommended that Proof Assistants or History of Science and Mathematics would be preferable to MO. Other better placements I remember include Mathematica, ...
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Migration to Physics.SE

Several times, including perhaps this question today I would have liked to suggest migration to Physics.SE. Similar to this question I would like to ask for this feature to become available as a ...
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Option to migrate to CS Theory

We should add the option to migrate to Theoretical Computer Science when voting to close. This question is an obvious candidate.
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Migration site list lacks entries

The question What is the integral of temperature over space called? obviously belongs elsewhere. Most probably the proper place is physics.SE, but in any case not here on meta, not on math.SE, and not ...
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Ability to flag for migration to other stackoverflow sites

Currently on mathoverflow, flags can be set for questions to be migrated to meta.mathoverflow, math.stackexchange, and stats.stackexchange. However, there are often questions that belong on other ...
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Migration of questions to cs.SE?

This question just got closed as off-topic. As someone else had already commented there, it is really a computer-science question and thus clearly belongs at But we currently don'...
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Transferring a misplaced question after it has a positively received answer

I recently goof'd and forgot that hsm.stackexchange exists, and posted a history of mathematics question here. This was kindly pointed out to me by a user here, but the question already had a ...
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