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How to write a good MathOverflow question?

How do I write a good MathOverflow question? Got any advice for me?
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Who owns MathOverflow?

Is MathOverflow a subsidiary of Stack Exchange? Did MathOverflow lose its independence when it migrated to the Stack Exchange network?
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Reputation and badges are no longer visible next to the users' names

Right now it seems that a bug is affecting MO: reputation and badges are no longer displayed next to the users' names. This happens both on the front page: as well as on pages of individual questions:...
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What is the deal with changes to the front page?

It appears that today Stack Exchange has changed the appearance of the MathOverflow front page. It now looks more similar to Stack Overflow. The most noticeable change is that the counts of answers, ...
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Hiding reputation

In MathOverflow 1.0 we had the ability to hide other users' reputations. Can we get that again? (Also, I had to rewrite this question several times to get past an annoying box that said my question ...
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PhysicsOverflow just [in 2014] went live [closed]

The new site is now up and running (outside the SE network) here PhysicsOverflow is meant to be some kind of a rebirth of the untimely passed away Theoretical Physics ...
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Where did the reputation go?

Some time ago, it was decided that reputation should no longer be displayed by default, but users had the possibility to opt in to see it, as explained by Ben Webster. I had opted to see reputation, ...
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How to make it easier to moderate blatantly off-topic questions?

As many of you have noticed, there's a lot of new users asking basic mathematics questions. This is not the only site in the network with this kind of problem; on Meta Stack Exchange we get all kinds ...
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Reputation displays after an edit even if opted out

I mentioned this in a comment on the main announcement regarding not automatically displaying reputation, but perhaps it is worth making into a formal bug report. After I edit a post, reputation is ...
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On a MathOverflow post, the members' reputation for a question & answer shows briefly but then disappears [duplicate]

When I was just viewing the MathOverflow Improving Cauchy estimates?, this is what I see for the question & answer members' "flair" sections: Doing a refresh causes the reputations to ...
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Badges appear to have disappeared [duplicate]

It looks like badges are no longer showing on users when browsing questions/answers: The badges appear while the pages loads, but as soon as the mathjax fully loads, they disappear. Checking other SE ...
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