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Flagging spam user

I just noticed an "Autobiographer" badge awarded to this unusually named user: . I immediately moved to flag this obviously spam account, only to realise that ...
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Influx of ridiculous number of spam users – what to do?

There is currently an absolutely ridiculous influx of spam user profiles: almost the entire "recent badges" section in the right-hand column of the main page is full of Autobiographer badges ...
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How to report intrisically spammy user accounts?

Sometimes, I notice that some very odd username is listed on Home as having earned the "Autobiographer" badge, where by "odd" I mean something very much non-mathematical and ...
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How should we respond to user profiles (as opposed to questions or answers) that appear to be spam? [duplicate]

I've come across 10 different MO user profiles that all have very similar usernames that contain the name of a company. None of these users have any activity on the site except for filling out their ...
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