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May I Offer Money to People Who Answer My Question on MathOverflow?

Erdos and others have offered prize money to people who answered their questions. May I offer money to people who answer my questions on MathOverFlow?
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What would be the disadvantages of a (hypothetical) MOexit?

The hypothetical possibility of MO leaving StackExchange was mentioned here on meta.MO a few years ago and was mentioned again recently. In a comment, Sam Hopkins asked what I think is a good ...
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Best of MathOverflow, or papers inspired by MathOverflow

This is a place to collect MathOverflow success stories! Was some of your research inspired by something on MathOverflow? Do you know questions & answers that led to interesting research? ...
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Can we recover old MathOverflow Meta "Tea" discussions?

Today I flagged a question as needing to be made community wiki. I thought about why, and found this old question of mine here. Carlo Beenakker helpfully linked to a thread on the old tea. Link ...
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Should the rules for deleting own questions be modified? - an example

I am aware of the own question deletion rules - in particular, kindly provided in an answer to Rules for deleting one's own question by Martin Sleziak. I think these rules have to be changed ...
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Who wrote the year of death in the profile page of the late William Thurston?

Prof. William Thurston passed away on Aug. 21, 2012. His MO profile page gives Feb. 22, 2012 as the date of his last log-in. Who is the person who wrote the year of his death in his profile page? Was ...
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964 views deprecated

The Stack Exchange staff have asked us to remove tea (what came before meta) from the * domain, for security reasons. The content of tea will ...
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Where's the old meta?

Where's the old
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What does "serial upvoting reversed" mean?

In my reputation history I see that I lost 75 points of reputation because of "serial upvoting reversed." What does that mean? It seems that this question was asked in passing in this discussion and ...
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What is our policy on asking about correctness of preprints?

We talked about this a lot on the old meta 1, 2 but I don't see a concise statement of policy that I can link to, so I'm asking a meta question in hope of generating consensus on such a statement.
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On the role of anonymity in a site dedicated to research-level mathematics

My questions is whether there is a good reason to allow anonymous users in a site dedicated to research-level mathematics. In theory, most users of this site are professional mathematicians and ...