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Can MO go back to +5 rep for questions? Should it?

In case you missed the news, upvotes on questions now grant +10 reputation instead of +5, and the change has been implemented retroactively (most if not all users have already had their reputation ...
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What would be the disadvantages of a (hypothetical) MOexit?

The hypothetical possibility of MO leaving StackExchange was mentioned here on meta.MO a few years ago and was mentioned again recently. In a comment, Sam Hopkins asked what I think is a good ...
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Flagging spam user

I just noticed an "Autobiographer" badge awarded to this unusually named user: . I immediately moved to flag this obviously spam account, only to realise that ...
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Companies accounts allowed?

The following account looks like some kind of SEO trick. It doesn't seem that I can flag accounts for moderator attention, hence this ...
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More spam bots than usual?

Has anyone noticed the site getting a lot more spam posts than usual over the past couple days? The ones I've seen repeatedly have "BingX referral codes" or similar codes for Bitcoin or ...
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Should tags be removed from spam?

When flagging spam, I usually delete tags and replace them by tag-removed as well. I just received a comment suggesting that this is not useful. It probably doesn'...
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What are the exact mechanics of the vote for MO moderators?

The election for moderators is currently going on. Three new moderators will be elected. On the election page you are allowed to rank your choices of the candidates. It is a little unclear whether you ...
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Rationale for moderator deletion of a non-spammy, off-topic question

The Euler quote question "Why are people hanged if they talked" has been deleted by a moderator. I have the impression this is a new practice (correct me if I'm wrong), that deletions of off-...
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A fuller story of up/down-voting

MO-participants should appreciate the difference between information about  +1 vote   and   +4 vs -3 votes.   This is especially the case of closed questions. I hope that MO will implement the more ...
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How can this question have more downvotes than views?

An off-topic question recently appeared on the main site. It was heavily downvoted and got deleted after only a few minutes. But at one point before the question was deleted, I noticed it had been ...
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What if I'm not sure about what area of math a problem lies?

One student asked me how to solve a problem and the only way of solving it that came to me seems hopeless to find an answers. It occurred to me that I may using a wrong approach to it. How could I ask ...
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Annoying popup about cookies

Recently, every time I visit Mathoverflow, I get a popup asking me to allow cookies. I have nothing against this in principle, but might there be a way that lets me respond and be done with it instead ...
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To which extent should spam posts on meta be considered a problem?

MathOverflow is one of the few sites in the Stack Exchange network where users with reputation 1 can post on meta.1 Clearly, this has some advantages2 and some disadvantages. Probably one of the ...
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Change reputation required to post on meta back to 5 reputation points

Typically, Stack Exchange sites have the restriction that only users with at least 5 reputation points on the main site can post on meta. In this regard, MathOverflow is different. (It is listed also ...
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Long display style formulae extend too much to the right with some renderers

In the following screen capture, take a look at the region delimited by the red rectangle: notice how it extends too much to the right, such that a part of it becomes hidden by the yellow page element....
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