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Editing a question admitting a trivial example

In this question I forgot to add that I want the space to be sufficiently large. One user wrote a (correct) answer pointing out a trivial example on $2$ points, answering the question. It was my ...
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Should I delete my own question if it turns out trivial after a comment?

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Should I edit this question or make a new question?

Should the Grothendieck ring of varieties be K_0 of numerical motives? I want to change it to: 1) Asking about after tensoring with $\Qb$ 2) Asking if there is a map in some direction and if ...
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Extending questions and answers gradually

If someone answers my question and I want to generalize it, how should I do it? Is it ok to gradually extend my question as answers improve? An answer to a question I wanted to ask may show me that I ...
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