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Revamping the closure reasons in 2022

Prompted by Gro-Tsen's recent meta question, it appears that now may be a good time to rethink our site-specific close reasons here on MathOverflow. Background: If you have sufficient rep, you can ...
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Customize the modal window for the first-time askers [duplicate]

When a user asks their very first question on a Stack Exchange site, they are shown a modal window with a short advice. The content can be either a generic message or it can be customized for a ...
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Proposing a change to the close-vote interface

The feature request in this post is at the bottom; I will first highlight why I think it should be implemented. Currently, when I go to close-vote a question I see the following pop-up menu: If I ...
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Comment / Down-vote / Vote to close -- in what order, with what delay?

If I see a post that I think belongs on MathStackExchange, what should be my first response? a) Comment to the user b) Down-vote c) Vote to close with suggestion of migration And how long should I ...
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Why is my question on martingales off-topic and not migrated?

Here is my question: I said in the beginning to please migrate if needed. Could it be on-topic ...
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What's the difference between two off-topic flags? [duplicate]

I'm sure that this is somewhere on MMO, but my searching hasn't turned it up. When I flag a question as off-topic, two of the options that I am given are "This question does not appear to be about ...
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How about a way to flag a question for migration to another site without down voting it

If the question is valid, it seems churlish to down-vote it, especially since doing so affects the user's reputation adversely. Sure, it's a mistake to ask a question on the wrong SE site, but I don't ...
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Closing votes: what difference between "not research related" and "not research related" [duplicate]

I am reviewing many posts with close votes recently, and I often end up with the same uneasiness about the reason to chose. In the "Community specific reason" option, there are This question does ...