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Migrated question returned to MO - how to handle?

The question I am referring to is Is all complicated modern math intuitively understandable? (See the user's math.SE account to see that the question was at one point migrated to math.SE.) I think the ...
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Once a thread is deleted, is it really too late to bring it back?

I was under the impression that "deleted" threads were still visible by moderators or other high-level members of the community. Is this correct? If a post was deleted that shouldn't have ...
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I want to answer a closed question

Please reopen this question: A problem of an infinite number of balls and an urn I have a nice answer. (Added (DR): now re-opened. Please note there are ten deleted nonsense answers, which I imagine ...
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Nominate bountied question for closure

Bountied questions cannot be closed: this prompted this meta-MO question. In the answer to that question, the reasons for this feature are explained (closure would shorten the bounty period, possibly ...
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Tracing and Seeing deleted questions

Is there a way to search through deleted questions? Can a user reach his or her own old deleted questions? In the early days of MO I asked about similar sites in related disciplines and there were a ...
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Deleted answered question / arXiv posts based on unacknowledged MO posts

I'd like to mention here two possibly related facts: (a) Soon after this question was answered, there was an arXiv paper posted providing the same answer (b) Soon after this closely related ...
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close/reopen wars on Mathoverflow

Sometimes one sees a situation like with this question: Cargo Cult Science in mathematics? which goes on hold and back again a number of times. Should there be a limit to the number of such rounds? ...
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Reopening questions after clarifications

I noticed that closing unclear questions often happens in next to no time while reopening them after the OP honestly follows the request to explain what he meant and does a reasonably decent job on ...
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Undelete request, Question 290941

Could I request that Question 290941 be undeleted? It is a sensible question, and I spent some time finding a reference for the answer. It was then deleted by the poster - I have no idea why.
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Thread for asking about suitability of math.SE question on MO?

Often there are questions of the type: "I have posted this question on math.SE. No satisfactory answer so far. Would this question be suitable for MathOverflow?" People ask this in various places: ...
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What happened to the dear user "quid" (9072), they appear deleted?

What happened to the dear user "quid" (9072), they appear deleted? Noticed this by edits I remember were from them. Google still remembers them and the user page of user number 9072 returns 404 (...
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Some proposals for modifications of the process of closing/reopening questions

I wish to make a modest proposal on closing/reopening questions. Let me begin by noting that by far the most frequent reviews are Close votes -- almost 37,000, and looking quickly most of the close ...
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How the moderators/admin decide the significance/research orientation of any question before closing it? is it intuitive to them?

I am not sure whether there exists some kind of objectivity in taking a decision in closing a question. For example my question was ...
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I fixed my question. Can it please be taken off hold now?

Yesterday I asked a question on parameterizations of knotted surfaces in $\mathbb R^4$. After I stated in the comments that I wanted the question to be kept to the case of a general surface, the ...
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How could I have better clarified my question?

I seem to keep getting my posts put on hold in various stack exchanges because it's "unclear what I am asking." How can I do better to prevent this? Specifically right now I'm asking about this ...
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