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Legitimate questions put on hold with no comments, no notification, and no chance to improve

My question was put on hold as unclear. I see a number of issues in this: No intent was made to clarify the question via comments: it was just shut up. I consider it rude and unhelpful. No reason was ...
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Undelete request, Question 290941

Could I request that Question 290941 be undeleted? It is a sensible question, and I spent some time finding a reference for the answer. It was then deleted by the poster - I have no idea why.
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Once a thread is deleted, is it really too late to bring it back?

I was under the impression that "deleted" threads were still visible by moderators or other high-level members of the community. Is this correct? If a post was deleted that shouldn't have ...
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Should "The probability for a streak when tossing a coin" be reopened?

The question "The probability for a streak when tossing a coin" is on hold. [Edit: It has been reopened.] I disagree with closing the question and voted to reopen. This problem may sound like it is ...
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Why was "Awfully sophisticated proof for simple facts" closed (two years ago)?

Most likely veterans became bored with Awfully sophisticated proof for simple facts but for newcomers it is such a delight! My actual question is: what happens with closed questions? Do they become ...
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Some proposals for modifications of the process of closing/reopening questions

I wish to make a modest proposal on closing/reopening questions. Let me begin by noting that by far the most frequent reviews are Close votes -- almost 37,000, and looking quickly most of the close ...
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Why this is off-topic?

I posted a question on MSE for two months and received no helpful answer. So I tried the same question on MO. I got 4 off-topic votes and so the question got migrated back to MSE. I'd like to mention ...
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Migrated question returned to MO - how to handle?

The question I am referring to is Is all complicated modern math intuitively understandable? (See the user's math.SE account to see that the question was at one point migrated to math.SE.) I think the ...
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Reopening questions after clarifications

I noticed that closing unclear questions often happens in next to no time while reopening them after the OP honestly follows the request to explain what he meant and does a reasonably decent job on ...
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Probability question migrated to stats.stackexchange

What has happened to the following question?: Firstly, it looks like a reasonable question to me (although the notation could be improved). Why was it ...
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How could I have better clarified my question?

I seem to keep getting my posts put on hold in various stack exchanges because it's "unclear what I am asking." How can I do better to prevent this? Specifically right now I'm asking about this ...
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OpenScience Q&A just went live

Perhaps you are aware of the fact that there was an Open Science private beta at StackExchange that did not quite manage to develop enough traction so it was closed down recently. Some people want to ...
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Should this question remain closed?

The OP of How to project a vector onto a very large, non-orthogonal subspace has written to complain that the question was closed unfairly. The question is too far from my area of expertise to be ...
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Nominate bountied question for closure

Bountied questions cannot be closed: this prompted this meta-MO question. In the answer to that question, the reasons for this feature are explained (closure would shorten the bounty period, possibly ...
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Thread for asking about suitability of math.SE question on MO?

Often there are questions of the type: "I have posted this question on math.SE. No satisfactory answer so far. Would this question be suitable for MathOverflow?" People ask this in various places: ...
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