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Creating a "math.SE needs your help" thread

From time to time questions get asked on math.SE which may be quite suitable for MO. Given the current climate of math.SE, such questions may not receive the attention they are due: e.g., they ...
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Any other site besides mathoverflow and mathematics stackexchange?

I know the differences between mathoverflow and math-stack but I have been wondering: Are there legitimate mathematical questions that would not get answered at math-stack because there is no ...
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How can I tell if my question is appropriate to MathOverflow or if I should just put a bounty on it at Math.SE?

I have at least two questions which are about graduate level mathematics on Math.SE, but about which I have serious doubts regarding whether or not they are "research level". In other words, I don't ...
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Is bounties period sufficient?

I edit the quesion according to the comment of professor Edgar Is it reasonable to suggest to MO to extend the bountiess period from 7 days to 3 or 4 weeks? Can mo be an exception, according to ...
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This MSE question was rejected for a migration on MO. Are you agree with this decision?

One month ago, I've asked the following question on MSE: Is the left regular representation of an algebra, always faithful? Up to now, this question has received 5 upvotes but no answer. ...
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What would be good place to list unresolved bounties?

Probably at least some MathOverflow users have been in a situation like this. I have placed a bounty on some question in hope to get an answer (or a better answer or a specific type of answer, for ...
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Advice to young mathematicians question on Mathematics Stack Exchange

(I don't know if this is on-topic on MathOverflow-meta. In case it is not, please, let me know.) I see that many active users of MathOverflow are not as active on Math Stack Exchange; for this reason,...
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Shall I ask my questions about Algebraic geometry on MO instead of MSE?

I searched for similar questions on MSE, like this and this, but couldn't figure out my solution. And since I intended to ask whether I can post my questions on MO, so I think I should ask here. I ...
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I want to post a question on MathOverflow, but is it suitable?

I posted a question "A question on the remainders of integer division" on Mathematics one week ago. There is not any answer until now. I do not think it is a question of professional level, but it ...
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Thread for asking about suitability of math.SE question on MO?

Often there are questions of the type: "I have posted this question on math.SE. No satisfactory answer so far. Would this question be suitable for MathOverflow?" People ask this in various places: ...
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Migrating question from Math SE

I posted this question on Math SE a month ago but it has had no responses even though I also placed a bounty on it. Whilst it is at graduate level, I'm unsure whether to ask it here since the ...
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Appropriateness and cross-posting

I am interested in this question on math.stackexchange. To me it is interesting because while it looks "obvious" that there isn't a solution with 6 turns (I have some very partial results ...
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