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Big list of feature requests and suggestions for a fantasy MO 3.0

I feel that MathOverflow is unique in the StackExchange network. There are features which we might want which might be unique to this site, and which might not be immediate feature requests or ...
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What's our consensus on people resurrecting old questions just to edit formatting?

I think the title says it all. Personally, as someone who uses the "newest questions" as the front page, I'm not keen on people tweaking questions or answers that seem to have outlived active interest....
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Updated: Is it time to replace links to the UCDavis arXiv frontend?

This question from March 2020 points out that many questions/answers link to papers at the frontend instead of at the arXiv itself, but that the frontend had been down a ...
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How to discourage excessive self-edits?

My question is prompted by the reappearance of this post on the front page. A glance at the edit history shows that the OP has edited his own question thirteen times. This user has a history of ...
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Any policies around Dead links?

I have been reviewing a lot of older posts (~10 years old) and there are quite a few with links that are either dead or links that point to sites that no longer contain the relevant information that ...
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"Silent" Edits for MO?

This question is inspired by Do we have an unofficial quota on how many old questions one should bump for minor edits in a single day? Wouldn't it make sense, to have the choice of a "silent" ...
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Best way to correct "Cauchy-Schwarz" misspellings

I would like to apologize because the top questions page is currently overrun by questions I just edited. I just noticed that Cauchy-Schwarz is often incorrectly spelled Cauchy-Schwartz and so I made ...
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Apologies re image links update => bumping

In the days before StackExchange used Imgur for images, I had linked quite a few images to my college's web server. Now all those links are broken, and I will eventually move them to Imgur. But the ...
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Compulsive question editing

There is a user that is modifying a lot of question in the last couple of hours, in particular, converting to latex any plain text that he considers that should be in math mode. It is getting annoying ...
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Can a question be muted from showing up to the front of the page so answers can edit their response as much as they please?

I liked the answer to this question: An algebra of "integrals" by @anixx Which had a very detailed table attached. My understanding is the answerer had updated the question some 35 times to ...
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Misspelling of Cauchy-Schwarz

As a comment of Dennis Serre, the correct spelling of Cauchy-Schwarz is Cauchy-Schwarz (not Cauchy-Schwartz): The spelling is Cauchy-Schwarz, from Hermann Schwarz. If you are interested in Fourier ...
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Making it easier to access hidden comments

This is a follow-up of this recent post, and hopefully a feasible suggestion. Problem: If a question/answer has many comments (say more than fit on my screen) and I decide to read them all, in ...
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