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Editing titles to include $\mathfrak{LaTeX \; Math}$

Should question titles, which sometimes intentionally avoid LaTeX math for those who choose faster rendering, be edited to insist upon LaTeX math? A recent instance that prompted my question is "two ...
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Prior to MathJax and jsmath, MathOverflow used to generate images of mathematical equations to insert in posts (e.g. this one). That didn't last very long but all of ...
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Removing greetings and taglines

The Stack Exchange Network frowns on greetings and taglines in posts. There were mixed reactions to this before we moved to the network. Should MathOverflow tolerate greetings or not? Is it ...
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Minor edits, subject to review

Now that MathOverflow has moved to 2.0, there is a potential solution to the long-standing tension between people wanting to make minor improvements to old posts, and others not wanting the 'active ...
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Repeated TeXifying of question titles

A specific user has recently edited a lot of years-old posts in which, as far as I can tell, he is just TeXifying titles. While I assume that this is being done with good intentions, it seems likely ...
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Minimum character of an edit

I just wanted to fix the latex of a question. It took me exacly 2 characters to change, which caused a large formula to display incorrectly. The software, however, asked me to make some further ...
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What to do if an answer was subjected to a minor formatting-only edit?

Recently an answer of mine ( was edited (or rather, a suggested edit was approved by two other users). The edit consisted exclusively of minor formatting changes, ...
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Bumping the question if it receives upvotes but no answer

Suppose a question is posted 3 days ago and it got decent number of up votes, say $5$ but did not receive any answer yet and not even comments which says some thing in direction of an answer.. In ...
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Compulsive question editing

There is a user that is modifying a lot of question in the last couple of hours, in particular, converting to latex any plain text that he considers that should be in math mode. It is getting annoying ...
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Editing an old post to add MathJax

Sometimes I come across an old post which does not use MathJax. Is it OK to edit such a post if the edit improves readability? This question (and its answers) motivated this post. I know some users ...
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Appropriate procedure for removing little used tags which are too specific

What is the correct procedure for removing tags which only have a single question, and would be better off with a less specific tag? My example is a question which was tagged 'relative-entropy'. ...
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Adding \LaTeX to old questions and answers

Maybe some context in the beginning. It is my second year in university so I am far away to be good enough to answer questions here, but from time to time I enjoy reading questions and answers. I ...
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