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Why is the ‘mathematical logic’ tag spelt [lo.logic]? [duplicate]

On MathOverflow, questions about mathematical logic bear the tag lo.logic, which has a synonym of logic. Where did this lo.logic spelling come from? Why is it not ...
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Help cleanup tags!

This is meant to agglomerate tags that need (occasional or regular) cleanup. That is tags that mean multiple unrelated things and need to be separated into more specific tags. Please follow the ...
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Should we blacklist or delete the "research" tag?

Should we blacklist or delete the research tag? This site is about mathematical research, so I don't see how the "research" tag is helpful, any more than a "mathematics" tag would be helpful. Of the ...
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Frequently asked questions about tagging on MathOverflow

Due to several discussions on the main site, I am asking this question concerning the best practices for tagging questions on MathOverflow. Unfortunately, the relevant documentation page https://...
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Restriction on Number of edits

Book about fluid dynamics asked Apr 13 '10 edited 1 hour ago Are there examples of conjectures supported by heuristic arguments that have been finally disproved? asked 21 hours ago edited 2 hours ...
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What should I do about a wrong tag added by an editor?

I posted a question and tagged it "infinite-sequences". A high-reputation editor added a more general tag: ca.analysis-and-odes. Now, in principle, having a more general tag is fine---but this tag is ...
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How to (re)tag such that migration works?

As discussed elsewhere it is crucial that a question that should be migrated has a matching tag on the target site (otherwise the migration is rejected and the question closed on the source site). ...
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Which "non-arxiv" tags are de facto top-level tags?

The tag system on MathOverflow is designed in such way that each question should contain top-level tag; these are the tags which correspond to subject areas on arXiv and generally have format such as ...
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Role of the tag "gm.general-mathematics"

This question is about the tag gm.general-mathematics. A meta question about it already occurred here, but was less specific (and didn't generate much discussion). See also the discussion in the ...
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New tag for "stochastic partial differential equations" (SPDEs)

Since there are separate tags for a) ODEs, ca.classical-analysis-and-odes and differential-equations and for b) ap.analysis-of-pdes but only one tag for stochastic-differential-equations, I was ...
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