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Incentivizing ‘bad’ questions

As a 5+ year member of MO, I remember the old days when upvotes on questions only netted you 5 points as opposed to the current 10. While I was generally glad to see good questions being rewarded in a ...
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Can a question be muted from showing up to the front of the page so answers can edit their response as much as they please?

I liked the answer to this question: An algebra of "integrals" by @anixx Which had a very detailed table attached. My understanding is the answerer had updated the question some 35 times to ...
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Best way to correct "Cauchy-Schwarz" misspellings

I would like to apologize because the top questions page is currently overrun by questions I just edited. I just noticed that Cauchy-Schwarz is often incorrectly spelled Cauchy-Schwartz and so I made ...
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Which Latex / MathJax features do we need or want to have supported on the site?

As we've started discussing, Stack Exchange is planning to redo the editor for all questions and answers across all their sites. As articulated by Emilio Pisanty, these changes will have significant ...
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Can MO go back to +5 rep for questions? Should it?

In case you missed the news, upvotes on questions now grant +10 reputation instead of +5, and the change has been implemented retroactively (most if not all users have already had their reputation ...
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Rep being recalculated: Qs get +10 now?

So now StackExchange thinks questions are worth +10 rep again. Here is a comment where a StackOverflow user noticed their rep jump by ~6k. Just now I was presented with a banner announcing this ...
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Should we have standing bounties?

There have been proposals to stop the bounties from expiring. On meta.SE these have been received rather badly, but would be most likely welcome here, as offering rewards for unsolved problems has a ...
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What would be good place to list unresolved bounties?

Probably at least some MathOverflow users have been in a situation like this. I have placed a bounty on some question in hope to get an answer (or a better answer or a specific type of answer, for ...
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Searching for comments

Is there a method to search past comments only. I'm interested in a comment I read years ago that was not specific to the question or answers, so it wouldn't be in the normal search. Keywords: ...
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Some proposals for modifications of the process of closing/reopening questions

I wish to make a modest proposal on closing/reopening questions. Let me begin by noting that by far the most frequent reviews are Close votes -- almost 37,000, and looking quickly most of the close ...
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Improve management tools of favorite and upvoted questions/answers

Here is my wish list: When one marks a question as favorite or upvotes it, give a chance to: Mark the question with a private tag. Add a private comment to the question. Its length could be limited ...
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Bizarre Recent Upvotes

Just in the last day or so, the following extremely low-quality posts have all received upvotes:
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Why not restoring the + 10 reputation for questions but make each negative vote also count -10 reputation?

To maintain MO alive and well, we need a regular flow of good questions, and not too many bad questions. It seems to me that one has given more weight to the latter, forgetting the former which in my ...
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Any chance of a "save for later / TODO" feature?

Sometimes when browsing MO questions I have the need to "save for later" for various reasons. There is a star for favoriting questions, it would be very useful to have "TODO" labels beyond just the ...
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searching mathematical formulae like in Zentralblatt Math

It would be nice if searching mathematical formulae like Zentralblatt Math could be implemented.
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