When a question is closed as off topic and migrated, will it no longer appear in MO, or will it appear in MO with a note saying it has been migrated?

Similarly, in MSE, will it say "migrated from MO" or just appear as a standard question?


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The title here on MO will appear with the text [migrated] appended to it. (Compare to the addition of [closed] for otherwise closed questions.) It will also have a banner below the question that states that it is migrated to Math.SE.

The question will appear on Math.SE with a banner below the question (near where the 'add comment' link is) that states that it was migrated in from MO.

Nothing has yet been migrated, so I cannot show you an exact demonstration. But for what it would look like try this question which was migrated from Physics.SE to Math.SE.

And here's an example on our site of the reverse migration.


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