Today I found MO questions where commenters recommended that Proof Assistants or History of Science and Mathematics would be preferable to MO. Other better placements I remember include Mathematica, Theoretical Computer Science, and Mathematics Educators.

I can understand not wanting to make a very long list of suggested alternative SE sites, but are the listed options reconsidered on a regular basis and updated accordingly? And what is the best approach to suggesting a site that isn't listed?


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From the answer to the FAQ post "What is migration and how does it work?" (on Meta Stack Exchange, here is a link to the current revision):

If the site isn't in the list of available migration targets, or the question got closed without being migrated, first read the below points and consider if migration is/was really the appropriate action (in many cases, it isn't). If you think so, you can flag the question for moderator attention and request that they migrate it for you. Simply explain in the reason which site you want it to be migrated. (Please specify only one site; don't list all possible sites it could go to.)

Moderators have a possibility to migrate to any site. (Regular users can only choose one of the default migration paths.) In both cases, only questions which are at most 60 days old can be migrated.

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