This might deserve to be closed; it seems to be a bug, but a very, very minor one. The conditions under which I observed it were rather specific. I'm not sure which of the conditions were important, and don't know how to test them jointly or in isolation; but maybe someone who reads MMO can. This is in Safari 16.3 in macOS Ventura 13.2.1.

I viewed the revision history of a post. While I was viewing the revision history, a user @-notified me in a comment, so my mailbox got a red 1 icon. I used the back button to navigate back to the previous page, at which point the red 1 icon went away, I guess because my browser was showing me a cached version of the page.

Despite the red 1 icon not being present, when I clicked on the mailbox, the new comment did display in my mailbox. However, I could not click "Mark all as read".

No notification; "Mark all as read" is not clickable

By contrast, this is what I see under normal circumstances:

Notification; "Mark all as read" is clickable

This is very easy to fix (by clicking on the comment text itself to go to the comment, or just reloading the page), but it is probably unintended behaviour on a rarely exercised code path.



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