Frequent sockpuppeter/spammer Wolfgang Muckenheim is back, and across multiple SE sites (philosophy, mse). This leads me to ask:

Is there anything specific we should do in a situation like this, besides simply flagging the offending user's posts?

I know for example that there are some blacklisted phrases in the SE network; could we similarly blacklist Wolfgang's site (which he always links to)?

(I'd also like to take the opportunity to request that folks not feed this particular troll.)


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Flag, flag, flag. Flag as rude, flag as spam, downvote, flag for moderator attention so we'll see the account and nuke it.


Oh, and do not engage. Well-known trolls tend to be attention seekers. Without attention, and with their content quickly removed and their accounts blacklisted, we increase the chance of them not coming back, at least not as often.


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