Not to take anything too seriously, but how does one check progress towards a (second) Socratic badge? I've seen a script for another Overflow site, but it doesn't seem to work here.


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Although the question is about progress towards the specific badge, maybe it is useful to include also some details with a brief explanation how to run SEDE queries when you want a look at a specific site (in this case MathOverflow) and on a specific user. (You can find pointers to further information about SEDE in the corresponding tag info.)

The OP provided this SEDE query in a comment: Socratic badge progress .

  • Notice that every SEDE query can be run on different sites — you have to choose MathOverflow. (You can also choose MathOverflow Meta and various other sites.)
  • The query has a parameter userid — where you have to enter your userid.
  • You should also keep in mind that the data in this database are only updated once a week.
  • As a side note, it is slightly better to be logged in on SEDE. (So that you do not have to solve a captcha when running a query.)

The userid is the number you can see in the URL and in the search bar when you go to your profile page. (If you have accounts on several sites, userid on each of them will be different.) More details on this: What is my user ID?

Regarding the original question about badge progress towards the next Socratic badge, it might be useful to add some links.

I took the query created by Jon Ericson and modified it to a version which returns these numbers for more users, not just one. You can see here the result on the main site and on meta. You can compare the results with the number of Socratic badges that various users have: main, meta.


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