I'm a new user of MathOverflow. In the privileges section, it says that I can now answer protected question. enter image description here

But in reality, when I visited this protected question, it says: enter image description here I'm not counting the association bonus, as I have already given all my association bonus points as bounty to a question. Is this a bug?


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It seems that the bounty you offered adds $-100$ to what counts as "reputation earned on this site" for the purpose of answering protected questions. At least, that is my understanding based on the explanation given here:

Basically, so far you have (on MO):

  • Started with 1 reputation point.
  • Got the association bonus +100.
  • Earned 10 reputation points from one upvote.
  • Used 100 reputation points on a bounty.

That gives your current reputation, which is 11. But the association bonus does not count when checking whether a user can answer protected questions. So you have to add -100 and you're on -89. (In other words, you have to compare your current reputation with 110 reputation points, which is 10+100, i.e. the threshold for answering protected questions together with 100 points you were given as the association bonus.)

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    $\begingroup$ I wasn't sure whether I should answer this or not. More-or-less it seems as a duplicate of the older question linked above. If the MO community thinks that this answer doesn't add anything to what quid already said in the older thread, I can simply delete my answer. (But even then, I think it is preferable to keep the question rather than delete it. Having several questions about the same thing helps search - the next time somebody wants to ask about this, they might find either this or the older one, depending on the search terms they choose.) $\endgroup$ Commented Oct 7, 2021 at 8:21

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