I do not know if this kind of the question is welcome on the meta, but I got bored searching for interesting questions and answers. As such I am trying to collect opinions of other people on what questions and answers they consider interesting and worth attention.

My criteria:

  • The questions and answers should be easy for comprehension for non-specialists in the field.
  • They should be of general interest to wider public rather than being specific to particular work of the author.
  • They should pose or point paradoxical or unexpected connections or properties within mathematics.
  • The topics most wanted: probability theory, fractals, Hausdorff dimensions, particular algebraic systems (such as dual numbers, germs, fuzzy boolean etc), non-trivial metric spaces and geometries, unexpected properties and relations of special functions, dealing with infinities in geometry and logic (but outside of set theory and Cantor's cardinals), divergent series, products and their regularization, distribution and hyperfunction theories, other kinds of generalized functions, fractional iterations and functional equations, etc.
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    $\begingroup$ I don't think this is a good use of Meta, sorry. $\endgroup$ – Sam Hopkins Oct 11 at 12:59

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