I am currently doing a reading on Teichmuller space and I am having trouble understanding some basic definitions. So I asked these two questions on MSE first:

Understanding Teichmuller equivalence of marked compact Riemann surfaces

What is the Sobolev space of maps between surfaces

They have received some upvotes so they are at least not bad questions. The fact that it hasn't been a day since I posted them might make me seem a little too thirsty for answers, but the thing is, while I was reading Riemann surfaces as a preparation for Teichmuller spaces (like a month ago), I have asked even simpler questions, yet those questions have not received a single answer. Judging from the views they've received, I think I have a pretty good reason to believe my new questions are going to end up just like the old ones. And I don't want to waste any more time waiting for nothing.

Based on that, I would like to know whether it is appropriate to ask these questions (more generally speaking, questions that are not of the form of research questions, but belong to a research-level topic) on this site. Thanks!


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If phrased the right way (so that there is a specific and direct question that will shine light for you), then such questions should be received well on MathOverflow.

Rather than point out possible flaws to a linked version of your question in an (to me) unfamiliar technical area, I encourage you to make a new post to meta, of the following form:

I want to ask this question on MathOverflow. How can I improve it so that I get a satisfactory answer?

[[Body of question here]]

We can then analyze the wording and point out areas of improvement. Such an example may become useful for future readers. I also invite you to scour meta for similar examples.

Gerhard "Meta Could Use Some Scouring" Paseman, 2019.09.02.


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