You might have noticed than many Stack Exchange sites have some statistics about both community moderation and moderators' activity posted on meta under the title "2018: a year in moderation". Here is a post on Mathematics Meta and you can find similar posts on many other sites. As far as I can tell, this was done on almost all per-site metas, the main exception seem to be the sites that are less than one year old. The fact that there are only a few sites where such post is missing was mentioned also in this post on Meta Stack Exchange: No “2018: A year in moderation” here?

In my opinion knowing these statistics is interesting. It is a way to see how much is the community involved in site moderation and maintenance. Also the level of the workload for moderators was discussed relatively recently, knowing these statistics might also be interesting in that context.

Should we ask for similar post also on MathOverflow Meta? Or are there some reasons specific to this site why these statistics should not be made public?


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