I feel like, for some reason, I am not able to ask interesting questions here anymore. So it would probably be better to have my account closed. Still I asked some well-received questions in the past that might be of interest to some people, if any, so I would rather not see them deleted. Is there a way to do so ?

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    Just stop using it? What do you want to achieve exactly by "closing" your account? – Federico Poloni Aug 1 at 4:43
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    I agree with Federico. Just stop using it. Your past questions will remain. If your account is deleted, your past questions will not be identified by "Sylvain JULIEN", but by some numbered name like "user5420741". – Gerald Edgar Aug 1 at 12:48
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    The both of you are right. And not deleting my account will prevent users whose questions I upvoted to lose reputation. It's time for me to dedicate my time to something else. Thanks to all. – Sylvain JULIEN Aug 1 at 13:42
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    thank you for your contributions to our community, Sylvain --- here's hoping we can welcome you back one day! – Carlo Beenakker Aug 2 at 5:52

Of course. Deletion of your account does not mean your posts are deleted. A complete description of what it means is given here: What EXACTLY happens when I ask to delete my account?

  • Ok. Let's do so then. – Sylvain JULIEN Jul 31 at 22:02
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    Sylvain, you'll have to do this yourself. Instructions are here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5999/… I'm sorry that you feel MathOverflow didn't work out for you. – Todd Trimble Jul 31 at 22:22
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    It should be noted that any negatively scored post will be deleted. This amounts to 7 answers and some 26 questions, by my count (which is probably wrong). – Asaf Karagila Jul 31 at 23:33

I'm an amateur mathematician (with studies in mathematics), from my point of view, I do not know you more than read some of your posts, your posts seem to me that contain a great level of abstract mathematics. It is required to be a professional mathematician to get an idea of the quality of your ideas (notice that I know that the most of your posts were well received).

I tell you my advices in next paragraphs. My motivation is that I think that you've very good skills in mathematics and, from my opinion you need these kind of advices (nexts).

$\cdot$ That don't delete your account. My belief is that to be a mathematician isn't a half-time job, is a life. The restlessness to research in mathematics is part of your life (and it will be presented to you today and tomorrow).

$\cdot$ If you dream is to research in mathematics ask for help in your profile information: in what field of mathematics you would like to work and what is the work/papers of mathematicians that inspire you. I am saying a direct call to work and learn with some professor/colleague with the purpose to research in mathematics in those fields that you would like to explore.

$\cdot$ As I said my opinion is that some of your questions include abstract ideas, maybe you can to combine with experiments (computational evidence showing a conjecture or a feasible theorem).

$\cdot$ Since you're member of this community from many years and I believe that you did this work in your free time, I think that is a good idea that you need to rest a few days/months, say us a month or two, to see things with another perspective. A good idea is to read some books of travels, listen music or see documentaries. After you can to visualize your project in this site Math Overflow in different circumstances.

Of course if you think that my post is off topic feel free to comment it, and I should to delete. Isn't required a response, good luck.

  • As aside comments: 1) My strategy in these sites Stack Echange/MO when one of my posts/questions is downvoted after the first minutes/hour is to delete it as soon as I think that it is reasonable. I think that if I had not done it I would have several question with negative score in my profile. 2) My belief is that you received at least two small packets of downvotes in the most recent past days that have not been corrected, I am going to flag the second of them with the purpose that this activity decays. – user75829 Aug 3 at 10:33

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