It is rather easy to make a typo and create a new tag by mistake without even noticing it.1 Could we have a warning saying that the user is creating a new tag so that users can notice such mistakes more easily?

This was implemented a few years ago, see: Warning or confirmation on new tag creation.


As far as I can tell, this feature is not enabled on MathOverflow (or at least it was not in September). Could moderators request this from Stack Exchange staff also on this site (both main site and meta)? On Mathematics site, this feature exists since 2015: Warning for new tags.

Notice that this is different from warnings which are used for existing tags: Tag warnings on MO.

1It happened to me at least once. The posts How do I delete an accidentally created tag? and Delete the tag paperjs confirm that this occasionally happens to other users, too. I would guess that most likely the tags fa.functional and gfractals were also created by mistake. A few more examples: ag.algebraic-topology, asymtotics, represetnation-theory, a.g.algebraic, complex-gemetry, oc.optimization-contro, localy-trivial, nt.number-rheory, ac and ra, dicrete-geometry.

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    Why not separate tag use and tag creation? -- Is there really a need to allow implicitly creating new tags when tagging a question? – Stefan Kohl Jan 11 at 10:20
  • @StefanKohl What I suggested about is already implemented - the only thing to be done is to switch this feature on also for this particular site. What you suggest is something which would have to be implemented first. If you really think something like that is a reasonable idea, you might post it as a new feature request - either here or on meta.SE. – Martin Sleziak Jan 15 at 16:19
  • I'll get back to you on this issue within a few days, Martin. Seems very reasonable to me. – Todd Trimble Jul 21 at 20:33
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    I've sent a message to the SE Community Team about this now. – Todd Trimble Aug 16 at 12:28
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I have just received a message from the Stack Overflow Team that the Warning pop-up for new tags has been enabled.

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