Assume that a given question has several answers.

So in the answer part there are 3 button "Active", "Oldest" and "Vote"

When we clique on "oldest", we lead to a unique answer.

Is this unique answer the first answer to the question?

I doubt that the answer to this meta question is affirmative since it does not work for example on this question

Finding a 1-form adapted to a smooth flow

On the other hand the situation is different for the following question with several answers

If $x_{n+1}= \frac{nx_{n}^2+1}{n+1}$ then $x_{n}=1$

So what does "oldest" signify?


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oldest does sort by the answer time, however, the accepted answer will still be on top, even if it is not the oldest; the same applies to the other sort options.

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