The axiom of choice as a consequence of a stronger semantics? On what grounds?

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Here is the post in question:

Any set has no "semantic structure". In sense: $\emptyset \notin \left \{ 0 \right \}$, because $\left \{ \emptyset \right \} \neq \left \{ 0 \right \}$. I think this statement contradicts the notion of Interpretability (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interpretability), because this notion is informally based on some part of set theory - more precisely, any formal theory $\mathbb{T}$ is a set. It follows from the definition of Interpretability, that any formal theory (set) has a "semantic structure". In sense: $\left \{ 0 \right \}\Leftrightarrow \left \{ \emptyset \right \}$; $\mathbb{T}\cup \left \{ 0 \right \}\Leftrightarrow ZFC^{-}\cup \left \{ \emptyset \right \}$, where $ZFC^{-}\cup \left \{ \emptyset \right \}$ is equivalently to $ZFC$.

We have $x \in \left \{ y \right \} \Leftrightarrow \left \{ x \right \}=\left \{ y \right \}$, but $\forall y\exists x(x\in y)$ is not true, because $\left \{ x_{y} \right \}\subseteq y$ and $\left \{ x \right \}\neq \left \{ x_{y} \right \}$, on the other hand, based on Interpretability, we have $\left \{ x \right \}\Leftrightarrow \left \{ x_{y} \right \}$. I saw that $X\Leftrightarrow Y$ is equivalently to $X= Y$, but i'm not shure that $\left \{ x \right \}=\left \{ y \right \}$ is equivalently to $\left \{ x \right \}\Leftrightarrow \left \{ y \right \}$.

The answer was flagged by a logician and set theorist as "not an answer". And indeed it seemed to me that (putting aside for the moment any deficiencies in presentation or coherence) this does not answer the question that was asked. If others feel that this is an answer relevant to the question (it doesn't have to be a correct answer), please say so.

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Post A: Users who have "Galucie" as part of their user name are more likely to be welcomed on foreign language forums on StackExchange than as entrants to The Westchester Kennel Club Annual show.

I do not know whether Post A has true or false content, nor how Post A will impact readers. I was looking for an example to underscore a point being made. In my view, Post A is as relevant to addressing your meta question ("why was my answer deleted") as your deleted post was to addressing Pace's question regarding the axiom of choice and semantics.

The problem is that spammers do something that looks similar to call attention to something away from the purposes of the forum. Regardless of your intentions, your (then undeleted) post seemed in the wrong place to me and to others. If you think this will recur, you can try asking in meta about the relevance of a response. Some of us will address one or two honest efforts of this type with guidance on how to make good posts to MathOverflow.

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