Some questions on meta are tagged . What does this mean?

I wanted to tag a questions but it does not work and I wonder why and how I could get this tag on my question? Relatedly, what questions should be tagged ?

Where can I find a list of all FAQs?


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Some questions on meta are tagged . What does this mean?

The meta-tag is a moderator-only tag, that is only a moderator can apply it to a question. Its purpose is to highlight some meta-question that seem particularly relevant in the long run; for short-term visibility there is a another tag .

These question can be "frequently asked" in a literal sense, but many also contain information that just seems relevant to users or the site as a whole (see the list below to get an idea). They provide a natural extension of the Help Center, which is more static and in large parts not editable on a per-site basis. They also allow the community to be more directly involved in creating and curating the documentation of a site, which is particularly relevant for questions concerning policy and etiquette.

How can a question be tagged ?

As mentioned at the start, the tag is a moderator-only tag, and it is this expected that users cannot directly apply it. A way to go about getting a question tagged as is to apply the tag . The proposal can then be reviewed by the community and the moderators. There is no hard and fast rule which questions should be tagged as . The existing list can provided some guidance. The list should stay reasonably short, so there should not be too many and a good case for adding a question, but it also makes sense to have important issues highlighted in this way. Also consider if expanding an existing FAQ, instead of adding a new one, could be an option.

A list of all questions tagged can be obtained by clicking on the tag-symbol (as for any tag). In addition, below there is a list of questions grouped by subject.

List of (all) meta-questions tagged , grouped by subject

The site and its community as a whole

Technical aspects, frequent support questions, the tag system, etc.

Moderators and legal aspects

Community moderation and etiquette



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