Here is my wish list:

When one marks a question as favorite or upvotes it, give a chance to:

  • Mark the question with a private tag.
  • Add a private comment to the question. Its length could be limited in the same way as the length of usual comments.
  • Add an option to mark an answer as favorite, especially when there are many answers.
  • Then add the ability to search questions by private tags and comments.

How would it work:

  • The tags would sort questions/answers into most general categories of why I like them. These would be defined by each user. For example I would have: research, teaching, fun, think_about_it_in_a_distant_future,...
  • The comments would indicate a specific reason why I find a question/answer interesting. Often, after some time, I can't recall what so interesting had I seen in it. Often this is some association that hit me in the first reading but then I forgot it.

One side effect of such improvement: I would become more generous in upvoting when not having to worry that I won't find those really great questions/answers obscured by, also upvoted/favoritized, just a bit interesting ones.



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