I started an MO homotopy theory chat room at http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/9418/homotopy-theory at the request of Jon Beardsley. there seem to be people in it already who know what the word "homotopy" means, so that is a good start. For now, i am the room owner, but we can fix that over time, once Jon gets his identities properly merged..

EDITTT: Jon's original room is now MO, which is more than I accomplished, go to http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/9417/homotopy-theory

Thursday morning: If you leave Meta and return, Jon's room is now visible on the middle right.

  • $\begingroup$ Why on SciComp and not MO? $\endgroup$ – Manishearth Jun 27 '13 at 5:40
  • $\begingroup$ @Manish, it is not on MO? $\endgroup$ – Will Jagy Jun 27 '13 at 5:41
  • $\begingroup$ Well, there are some problems, but the kids are enjoying it. $\endgroup$ – Will Jagy Jun 27 '13 at 6:18
  • $\begingroup$ @Manishearth How does one merge their accounts? $\endgroup$ – Sean Tilson Jun 27 '13 at 7:09
  • $\begingroup$ @WillJagy: Thanks! $\endgroup$ – Sean Tilson Jun 27 '13 at 7:41
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ @SeanTilson mathoverflow.net/contact/user-merge $\endgroup$ – Manishearth Jun 27 '13 at 8:34
  • $\begingroup$ @Manishearth: That didn't work. I am in touch with them though. $\endgroup$ – Sean Tilson Jun 27 '13 at 15:27
  • $\begingroup$ @Manishearth, thanks for merging the rooms. $\endgroup$ – Will Jagy Jun 27 '13 at 17:11
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ Well this turned out pretty well. $\endgroup$ – Jonathan Beardsley Jan 5 '15 at 4:16
  • $\begingroup$ @JonBeardsley, just looked at it because of your comment, seems to have plenty of activity. My next project is to get the volunteers at the Berkeley city animal shelter to start a question/answer feature on their Facebook page on, for instance, the various tricky aspects of walking and training dogs. $\endgroup$ – Will Jagy Jan 5 '15 at 4:22

For what it's worth, I don't really want to take credit for this thing. I don't really think that I have the street-cred to create a homotopy theory chat room...

But it's super cool, and hopefully we can further cultivate the culture of creative exchange and conversation that's already grown around MO.

  • 1
    $\begingroup$ Is street cred hyphenated? $\endgroup$ – Will Jagy Jun 27 '13 at 17:12
  • 3
    $\begingroup$ @Will: In Jon's answer yes; in your comment no. $\endgroup$ – Asaf Karagila Jun 27 '13 at 17:31
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ @Asaf, that's some kind of Zen thing, right? Maybe Kaballah? Meanwhile, it shows people have Choice. $\endgroup$ – Will Jagy Jun 27 '13 at 17:37
  • 5
    $\begingroup$ @Will: I don't know about that, but it beats grading homework. $\endgroup$ – Asaf Karagila Jun 27 '13 at 17:57
  • $\begingroup$ So does chatting. $\endgroup$ – Jonathan Beardsley Jun 27 '13 at 18:28
  • $\begingroup$ Jon, grading homework beats chatting about homotopy! ;-) $\endgroup$ – Asaf Karagila Jun 27 '13 at 20:34
  • 3
    $\begingroup$ @AsafKaragila, you must be crazy. lol $\endgroup$ – Jonathan Beardsley Jun 27 '13 at 20:38
  • 3
    $\begingroup$ Well, I am a set theorist that work without the axiom of choice... $\endgroup$ – Asaf Karagila Jun 27 '13 at 22:02
  • $\begingroup$ @AsafKaragila okay then. That settles it. By the way, I'm a homotopy theorist, and I sort of have to use the Axiom of Choice, but I don't really believe in it. $\endgroup$ – Jonathan Beardsley Jun 27 '13 at 23:46
  • 2
    $\begingroup$ Platonists always baffled me. For that matter, any sort of theism (even mathematical one) confuses me. What does belief have to do with anything? :-) $\endgroup$ – Asaf Karagila Jun 27 '13 at 23:52

Also, allow me to say, one thing we'd really like to do is get experienced mathematicians to if not lead, at least participate in, discussions regarding their research. I think it's really cool that some well respected and brilliant mathematicians are active on MO, and I think it'd be even cooler if we could arrange for them to come to the chat room and just chat about some particular subject for an hour or two.

  • $\begingroup$ I posted this on Giggle+ with a jpeg of the chat room, $\endgroup$ – Will Jagy Jun 27 '13 at 18:54
  • 2
    $\begingroup$ @Will: Teehee?? $\endgroup$ – Asaf Karagila Jun 27 '13 at 22:04
  • $\begingroup$ @Asaf, well the repeat root canal went well, best available outcome, I'm still annoyed at having to go through it, and pay for it. That's life. $\endgroup$ – Will Jagy Jun 27 '13 at 23:28

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