I recently had the problem of encoding big brackets in a formula in my question "Functions that Calculate their $L_p$ Norm" and, I could find nothing under "How to Format > MathJax equations", as the link brought up LaTex encodings which didn't work for MathJax.

As I am not a MathJax wizzard, I was happy to see, that meanwhile someone jumped in and fixed the respective formula with "\Big(" and "\Big)" which I had not seen.

Based on that "experience" I would like to know, why the formatting help for formulas doesn't link to something that is dedicated to MathJax.
Links to good (i.e. compact and well-structured) online-resources would also be a great help.


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On math.stackexchange.com, the "What topics can I ask about here" page in the Help Center links directly to a meta.math.SE post with a MathJax tutorial as well as some other useful links.

We might be able to steal it, or link to it.


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