In MathOverflow 1.0 we had the ability to hide other users' reputations. Can we get that again?

(Also, I had to rewrite this question several times to get past an annoying box that said my question didn't meet "quality standards" and suggested I needed to check my grammar. Is there any way to make it be more informative about what its problem is? I suspect it was only upset that my original version was too short before I added all this parenthetical irrelevancy.)


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Tim has just told us the Stack Exchange folks aren't going to implement this. I think that the userscripts linked are probably sufficient. The alternative, if they aren't sufficient, is for us to implement some custom javascript on MathOverflow that 'hacks' this option back in. (This is effectively how we'd done this on 1.0.)

However this will take some amount of work. I'm personally not that excited about doing it, but if someone makes a new feature request "Implement reputation hiding in custom javascript", it gets voted up a bunch, and no one else jumps in to offer to do it, I'll put it on my todo list. (A lame promise, I realise!)


Isn't this easy to do with custom css?

span.reputation-score, span.badgecount, span.badge1, span.badge2 {
    display: none;

The above works pretty well for me, but I'm sure it could be refined into something better.

And for the record, I myself have no objections to seeing users' reputation scores.

I haven't tested it, but using AdBlock would be another solution, I think. Control-or-right-click on objectionable thing, then "block this ad", then...

  • $\begingroup$ Stylebot, a Chrome extension, also works very well for this sort of thing. Right click whatever you want to remove, select Stylebot, Style Element and then set "Visibility" to "Hide", or whatever else you want. $\endgroup$ Sep 25, 2013 at 9:33
  • $\begingroup$ For me (in Chrome), AdBlock works slightly differently: I don't have a context menu option to block an ad, but there's an icon in the address bar for AdBlock, and clicking on it gives the option "Easy create filter", after which you can just point at what you want to remove. $\endgroup$ Sep 25, 2013 at 9:36

Unfortunately, no, no such means exist in the current platform and is unlikely to be implemented. It's not that this is an unpopular idea, a few folks in various communities have expressed interest in removing some of the 'game' aspect from participation, but it's not something that we're likely to do, quite a bit revolves around that number.

What I recommend you do is just use one of the available userscripts (as linked in comments) to take care of this for you, and even modify them to suit your needs if you're able to do so.

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    $\begingroup$ I understand that quite a lot revolves around that number, and I don't necessarily disagree with that aspect of the way the sites work -- internally. What I don't like (and I know some other people don't like) is how prominently displayed that number is, to the extent that you almost never see a user's name without it. $\endgroup$ Sep 24, 2013 at 18:52

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