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Mathematics is only a hobby - although I have done undergrad courses in the 70s. But part of my job was doing statistics and this kept me near my favourite subject "linear algebra" (programmed factor-analysis and a matrix-orientated calculator MatMate). Around 2002 I came in contact with the internet community in math newsgroups and could improve my Collatz discussion. Next subject was the Bernoulli numbers, then integer matrices and since 2006 the problem of iterated exponentiation aka tetration. Serving half-time jobs in teaching here at the university I found time to fiddle with that subjects in depth - and found love with the exploratory approach and impulse of the 18'th century numbertheory, namely L. Euler, "the master of us all"... Due to lack of formal education I've to do my "research" widely on my own - but that's what I just like: to find structure, pattern, laws from the ground.

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